What is Spiritual Direction?

One of the greatest gifts I have ever been given was offered to me during my graduate theological training. As all prior notions of God and faith were deconstructed one by one, I desperately needed a safe space to navigate all that I was thinking and feeling. In a way I never had encountered before, my professors and leaders were not threatened by my questions, my doubts, my misgivings, but invited them into a larger conversation about and experience of the mystery that is God. This gift changed me. It changed everything. One of the primary reasons I am drawn to offer spiritual direction is because of the safe space it provides others to explore who God is and who they are in light of this.

Spiritual direction is an ancient practice of joining others in their exploration of God’s work in their lives and in the world. As a certified spiritual director, I come alongside another as together we seek to discern what God might be doing and saying in a particular season. This practice leads to an increased awareness of God’s presence and of self-understanding. Sometimes folks pursue spiritual direction as they face a difficult or weighty decision in their lives, desiring to follow the will and purposes of God. Others come because their experience and perception of the Divine is changing, and they simply need a safe space to explore this further. No matter what leads one to spiritual direction, my hope is that all will walk away with a deeper, more life-giving experience of God and God’s love.